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The Dolly Mare of Llangennith

The stone effigy, known locally as the 'Dolly Mare', can be found at the Parish Church of St Cennydd which is located in the centre of the small village of Llangennith, Gower in South Wales.  The effigy is one of several stone artefacts located within this church, the site of which dates back to the 6th century when it was founded as a religious retreat by St Cennydd.

The figure is not identified by any plaque or inscription but may be a member of the De la Mare family who owned nearby Oxwich Castle - images of a De La Mare and his lady can be found at Oxwich Church.

The knight, made of Dundry limestone, has lost its legs and is a little worn but you can still make out that the knight is wearing a chain-mail helmet and collar over which is worn a tunic.   There is a shield on his right shoulder, a belt at his waist and his hands are placed upon a sword to the left of his body.  This style of armour places his death at around 1260.

The figure can be found to the right of the churc…

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