The Mummy of Hor in Swansea

Yesterday was so wet and miserable that I decided to cheer myself up by visiting one of my favourite places - Swansea Museum.

Built in 1851, the museum retains an wonderful old fashioned quality that is a delight to look around.

Of course, one of the reasons for me visiting for the upteenth time is the fact that it houses a mummy in its own special tomb-like room.  The mummy identified by the name Hor was a clothier priest and scribe of Atum from the Ptolemy period.  He lived in Akhmin in Upper Egypt.

The mummy and its coffin are displayed together with x-rays taken by the Department of Radiology at Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport and with a further display case containing 22 objects which include pots, servant figures, decorated cartonnage and a mummified duck.

Hor was given to the museum by Field-General Lord Francis Grenfell in 1888 and has in recent times undergone investigation and conservation.

A further 30 Egyptian antiquities can be found in the neighbouring 'Cabinet of Curiosities' room which also contains an eclectic mix of other displays featuring the old, the more modern and the unusual.

If you find yourself passing through Swansea, go and take a will not be disappointed!


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