Museum Sleepover

I read an article today about the National Museum of Scotland's recent innovative event at its Chambers Street venue.   The Night of the Mummy included an evening of music, comedy and history, all done with an Egyptian theme.  Guests were able to enjoy the entertainment whilst wandering around dinosaur skeletons and ancient artefacts.  Fun activities included dancing, face art, making mummy accessories and experiencing a mummy unwrapping!  The interactive evening was a roaring success, with a sell out of the 2000 tickets available.

The article bought back fond memories of a night I spent back in 2001 at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery as part of the Egypt Revealed exhibition.  My Mom, my Aunt and myself packed an overnight bag and excitedly left home for a 'Ladies Sleepover' in the Museum galleries.  That evening we were treated to Egyptian themed jewellery workshops, belly dancing classes (which was subsequently broadcast on the next day's news complete with a close-up of my bottom!) and lectures; all was enjoyed after hours and in the company of newly made friends.  To help us to sleep, we then huddled around to listen to a mesmerising story-telling session.  The sixty of us then settled down to camp on the museum floor among the exhibition artefacts, including 'Gingerella' - a mummy on loan from the British Museum.  Some of the ladies were really keen to sleep alongside the mummy, whilst others kept a discreet distance.  Not much sleeping was done, but oh did we have great fun!

Such events as the National Museum of Scotland and the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery are, I believe, tremendously important in helping to bring history alive.  Interactive exhibits and 'thinking outside of the box' events can inspire passion for a subject that at times can be difficult to get people to engage with.  Reaching out to people by using a selection of different platforms of learning helps ignite enthusiasm.  It worked for me -not long afterwards, I left my job, left Birmingham and travelled to Swansea to study for a degree in Egyptology.  I am now in my final year of a PhD.

Thank you Birmingham Museum for inspiring me!


  1. Sounds like a great time! And so glad it inspired you! :-)

  2. Thought you might be amused at my poem, Bev ... 3rd one down (about the Cambridge Museum of Arch and Anth).

  3. I love it Caroline! Brilliant :-)


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