Sir John Soames Museum

I am going to London!  A conference place is booked and a ticket has been purchased.

I love London...I always feel like a tourist much to see, so many places to visit.  I will of course be going to the British Museum (it would be rude not to!); then to the Petrie Museum (for the fifth time...I never tire of it); then to Sir John Soames Museum...what? have never heard of it???  Then let me recommend it to you enthusiastically!!!!

It is an amazing place.  An ecletic mix of collections brought together in the home of the former architect.  Soame (1753-1837) lived alone in the house after the death of his wife in 1815.  His home became the backdrop for his extensive antiquity and art collections.

A visit there is a must do...the amount of items within the house are amazing and you feel as if you are stepping into another time when you enter through the door.  Roman busts compete with architectural sketches and models; paintings and drawings are neighbours with Neoclassical sculpture.  Standing proudly centre stage in the basement is the actual alabaster coffin of Seti I discovered by Giovanni Belzonni.   The museum holds monthly candlelit evenings at the museum echoing those days when Soames would light up the sarcophagus with lamps.

It is located at 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields and amazingly it is still free to go in.  If you ever find yourself in London with time on your side, take a look...I promise that you won't be disappointed!


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