Story of MacGregor Collection retold through Tamworth Talk

Friday night saw me travel to Tamworth in Staffordshire to give a talk on my Egyptology PhD topic- the Reverend William MacGregor.

An impressive turn-out arrived to hear about the town's greatest benefactor and his involvement in the growth of modern Egyptology.  I was also able to share information about his Egyptian museum at nearby Bolehall Manor and show some of the photographs that I have acquired over the years.  The venue was the impressive St. Editha's Church in the middle of Tamworth - the parish which MacGregor once looked after.  It was very surreal to stand next to the pulpit where the great man himself once stood. 

Tamworth Heritage Trust, who had organised the event, looked after me wonderfully; it was lovely to meet so many people who had not only heard of MacGregor but equally shared my enthusiasm for his story.

I can't wait to go back!

Me (right) with members of the Tamworth Heritage Trust


  1. Hello,

    I am looking forward to reading your PhD. Is it (about to be) published?

    Many thanks

    M. Bealby

  2. Hi Marsia,
    Writing up is in the final this space!


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