Egyptian Antiquities 1833

I am immersed in the Victorian period this week for my thesis...thought I would share some views from the past as I find them.

Article from the Morning Post, 7 March 1833:

Egyptian Antiquities

'We have visited the collection of Egyptian Antiquities now on view at Mr. Sotheby's Rooms, and unhesitatingly pronounce it the most interesting which has ever been offered to public inspection.  Among the principal objects of attraction are five mummies, as yet unrolled, with their accompanying sarcophagi, beautifully painted with hieroglyphics, in perfect state of preservation; some specimens of Egyptian sculpture, in idols, sanctuaries &c., which are extraordinary evidences of the perfection of the art at the remote period to which they pertain; and a great variety of tablets worked in hieroglyphics, equal, if not superior, to any in the British Museum.  But perhaps, the most remarkable feature of the collection is the great number of perfect papyri, which must prove of the highest interest to the antiquarian.  The difficult task of unrolling them has been very successfully accomplished by Captain Sotheby.'


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