Tribute to the collector Macgregor

A print of the collector Reverend William MacGregor (my PhD research subject) has been gifted to the Tamworth Co-operative Society in Staffordshire.  MacGregor (1848-1937) was instrumental in setting up the Co-operative and is known to have been a great benefactor within the town.    A second print has been donated to Bolehall Manor Club, the home of MacGregor and the site of his once famous Egyptian museum.  The prints have been made from a painting by Peter Reeds, an artist from Rochester.  The original painting is on display in St. Editha's Church in the centre of town, where MacGregor was once vicar.  I was invited to lecture at St. Editha's recently and saw the painting and met Peter on the evening.  It is an excellent likeness and a fitting tribute to a great man.

The article from This is Tamworth can be found here.


  1. Thanks Angel. I've "bumped into" this guy once or twice without knowing much about him. Its nice to see a painting of him, thanks



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