2012 Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities


"The Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities/Société pour l'Étude de
l'Égypte Ancienne invites all doctoral level graduate students and senior
scholars to submit proposals for papers to be given at this year's Scholars'
Colloquium. The deadline for submission is AUGUST 31st, 2012.  The
Scholars' Colloquium will be held on Friday, November 30th, 2012 and
on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 at the Royal Ontario Museum in
Toronto, Canada. Proposals for Scholars' Colloquium papers will be
accepted from graduate  students and senior scholars in the fields of
Egyptology, Anthropology, Classics, Fine Arts, Archaeology, Nubian
Studies and related fields on ANY  topic connected with predynastic,
pharaonic, Hellenistic, Roman or Coptic  Egypt, but must represent
an original contribution to the field.
Presentations may be given in either English or French.  Papers may not
exceed 20 minutes in length.
Since a limited number of proposals will be accepted, papers will be vetted
by committee. Interested scholars should send a title and brief abstract of
their proposed paper to the Scholars' Colloquium Coordinators at
scholarscolloquium@thessea.org or scholarscoll@thessea.org. Please
note that only proposals submitted in electronic format [i.e. via email]
will be considered.  Abstracts must not exceed 350 words in length.
Acceptances of papers will be issued in September.
     The SSEA/SÉÉA is also holding its 38th Annual Symposium that
weekend, on December 1st.  Papers accepted for the Scholars'
Colloquium are not limited to the topic of the symposium, and no
preference will be given to proposals based on topic.  Please also
note that the SSEA is soliciting proposals for the Scholars' Colloquium
       There is no charge to speak in the Colloquium and registration is
not required. Attendance at the Scholars' Colloquium is free and open to
all. A registration fee is required to attend the Saturday symposium,
however.  For more information on the Symposium, email
info@thessea.org or visit www.thessea.org"


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