Monday, 18 June 2012

Go on Excavation at the Manchester Museum

An innovative way of interacting with the public is being carried out by Manchester Museum.  "Unearthed: Ancient Egypt" runs until 6 September and explores artefacts and what they can tell us about ancient Egypt through the medium of excavation.  Dr Digby (played by Terry Deary, author of Horrible Histories) takes visitors back to the 1920s where they can join the team of excavators and record the objects they've found.  There is even the chance to get an archaeologist's certificate after some training!

With the Egyptian gallery in the process of redevelopment and the ancient Egyptian daily life section closed until late 2012, this is a great way to introduce the public to artefacts from a different perspective.

Hear about Unearthed and see Dr Dreary on YouTube here.

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