Egypt Centre becomes latest Museum 140 Entry

I have 'adopted' the Egypt Centre in Swansea today!  Not officially I would add, but as part of the Museum 140 'Adopt-a-Museum' project!  Here is the link: Museum 140.

The project is all about the 'unsung heroes of the museum world' to quote the web-site; 'Those museums that don't display famous art or get millions of visitors every year, but that are just really good at what they do'.

If you know a museum that you would like to champion, why not 'adopt' one too?  The questions are really easy to answer and are not too long, and the museum gets a mention on Twitter!  The web-site also plots the entries on a map so people can plan a trip and then leave a comment of story!

Contact via Twitter at Museum 140 or through the web-site above.


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