Norwich and the Egyptian Connection

A joint event between Norwich Castle and a the Wherry Yacht Charter Charitable Trust  will be highlighting Norwich's long standing connection with Egypt.  

The event will be showcasing the pleasure wherry - Hathor - which was commissioned in memory of Alan Colman - a member of the Colman Mustard family - who died in Egypt.  Her cabins and saloon have beautiful inlaid wood panels with hieroglyphic engraving and Egyptian-inspired decoration.  The Trust is hoping to raise £100,000 in order to restore the Hathor.

The Norwich Castle's Museum collection contains Egyptian antiquities from the Colman family and these objects are in the process of being catalogued.  It is hoped that £10,000 will secure the work into this little studied collection.

The event will also feature illustrated talks by a research associate of the Castle and the Hathor's previous owner.  Visitors will also be able to view the museum's galleries. 

 The event takes place on 2 September 2012.  Details can be found here.


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