A Taste of Mummies

Spending the day today preparing for a course for the Department of Adult Continuing Education at Swansea University - my first as a tutor for them!  I am piloting new taster courses with the aim of encouraging adults to learn more about Egyptology and hopefully inspire them to come back and sign up for term long courses.

I have decided to begin with a "Mummies, Magic and Myth" theme.  Mummies are such an evocative subject - whether you love them or loath them, everybody knows about them and usually has an opinion about their display and portrayal.  We are going to look at how mummies are depicted today, mummification, rituals, burial architecture, the afterlife and finally 'modern' history's treatment of mummies and the ethics of display.  There is a lot to touch on in the next four weeks but cover it we will!  I am looking forward to meeting my students and having some fun!

Mummies, Magic and Myth will begin on 3rd October 2012 at 10 am - 12 am at the Miner's Library, Hendrefolian Campus, Swansea.

For booking information, please contact Claire Bannister 01792 295464.


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