PhD Scariness!

PhD first draft has been handed in today...cue drum roll and flags!!!!!  Now for the tense wait as it gets marked.  I feel hugely vulnerable at this stage of the journey.  I subject that I have been researching for over seven years is now being subject to intensely critical overview.  I have become so attached to the Reverend William MacGregor and his Egyptian collection that I couldn't have felt any closer to him if he had been part of my own family tree.  To have both his life and collection scrutinised, a well as my own writing style and argument, is going to be an emotional roller coaster.  I am however in a weird kind of a way looking forward to this next step for it will be proof that I am academically "growing up".

Wish me luck :-)


  1. You will completely understand the perspective that is provided here *grins*

  2. really does put things in perspective :-)


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