A Mummy Story by Edgar Allan Poe

With Halloween looming nicely on the horizon, you could do no better than to curl up in front of the fire with a good Victorian gothic story, especially one which has a mummy as central character!

One to get you started (and not too scared) is a parody of a mummy unwrapping written in 1850 by  Edgar Allan Poe.   Some Words With A Mummy is a short story based on the Victorian era's fascination with the unwrapping of Egyptian mummies.  During the eighteenth century, mummies and mummy parts proved exotic and curious souvenirs of a trip to Egypt and during the middle of the century, unwrappings undertaken in the name of scholarly learning, were often emulated in the parlours of homes across Europe.

In Poe's story, a mummy is galvanized into life and begins a bizarre conversation with the guests...

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Image - Edgar Allan Poe Museum


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