Mummy Lid Returns to Birmingham after a 50 year gap

Leamington Spar's The Courier reports on the lid of an Egyptian mummy coffin - nicknamed 'George' -that is to be returned to Birmingham University after a spell of 50 years.  The coffin, excavated at Beni Hasan in 1904 - said to date around 550 B.C. - was donated to Leamington Art Gallery and Museum over half a century ago.  Previously it had lain on show at the Birmingham University's Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity Museum.

'George' was donated to Leamington in 1960 by T. A. Dorey of the University's classic department who reported at the time that it had been found abandoned at Tamworth Station.  The lid remained at Leamington Art Gallery in storage until 1991 when it was then lent to Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery and was recognised as the lid presented to the University in 1904.

The mummy lid has been identified as belonging to a man named Ahmose and is made from approximately 15 pieces of sycamore wood.

For details of the full story click here.

'George' - Image from The Courie


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