ARTEFACT - Head of Ahmose I

Image - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This beautiful limestone statue can be found at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

It is of the pharaoh Ahmose I, who reigned during the New Kingdom, Dynasty 18 (ca. 1550-1525 B.C.) Measuring 56 cm high, it is inscribed on the back of the head, identifying it as one of the few preserved representation of Ahmose II.

The head is first recorded within the business inventory of Dikran G. Kelekian in 1919. It remained in the Kelekian family until 2006 when it was then gifted by Nanette R. Kelekian.

It has been widely published and displayed, including exhibition at the Cincinnati Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum and now the Metropolitan Museum.  The head (inventory number 2006.270) can be viewed at Gallery 131 (as at January 2013).

 Information can be found at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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