Thursday, 31 January 2013

New Discoveries in tomb of Djehuty

Image - Ahram Online
"A wooden 17th Dynasty sarcophagus of a child and collection of 18th Dynasty Ushabti figurines of a priest found inside Djehuty's tomb in Luxor's west bank.  

Although the Egyptian sarcophagus does not have any engravings, decoration, or mummy inside, early studies carried out in situ by Jose Galàn, head of the
archaeological mission, revealed that it belongs to a yet unidentified child who died during the 17th Dynasty. A collection of wooden pots and pans was also unearthed beside
the sarcophagus in the Draa Abul Naga area in Luxor's west bank, along with a collection of Ushabti figurines (statuettes) carved in wood and wrapped in linen. Mansour Boraik, supervisor of Luxor antiquities, told Ahram Online that the Ushabti figurines depict the
similar facial features of the well-known priest Ahmosa saya Ir, who played a major role in the royal palace during the 18th Dynasty. 

Galàn described Djehuty as an important official who lived in the reign of Hatshepsut, but died in the reign of Thutmosis III, because the names of  both Pharaohs are written on the tomb wall" - Ahram Online

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