ARTEFACT: Wooden Board with holes

A wooden board with five rows of holes.
Egypt Centre Accession Number EC677

Image: B Rogers

This wooden object was purchased by Sir Henry Wellcome in 1922 from the Sotheby's auction of Egyptian antiquities.  It once belonging to the Reverend William MacGregor and was housed within his museum in Tamworth, Staffordshire.  Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome (1853-1936) was an American-British businessman who made his fortune from pharmaceutics.  He was a prolific collector who amassed a sizeable amount of medical and other artefacts, including those of ancient Egypt. His Egyptian collection was dispersed to a variety of museums years after his death.

The purpose of the wooden board is unknown.  The Egypt Centre suggest it may be a game board, but no other parallels are known.

Have you any thoughts regarding its purpose?  Have you come across anything similar? 


  1. Perhaps a ritual brazier/incense burner - like this of Ramesses II?



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