Friday, 22 February 2013

Eleventh International Congress of Egyptologists

The Eleventh International Congress of Egyptologists at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina will take place between the 13th - 20th September 2013.

"The congress will be organized by the Calligraphy Center in Bibliotheca Alexandria under the auspices of the International Association of Egyptologists and the Ministry of State for Antiquities, Egypt. The aim is to provide a meeting point for all Egyptologists based on some selected themes.

The International Congress of Egyptologists is traditionally open to all areas of Egyptological research, and its goal is to seek for research papers focusing on all major themes of Egyptology. However, the contributions are organized on a series of major themes within Egyptology:
  • The Ancient Egyptian Language in the form of writings and inscriptions.
  • The Cultural Heritage in ancient Egypt.
  • Funerary beliefs and practices.
  • Egyptian Archeology, Art and Religion.
  • Sociology, Literature, Economy and Philology.
  • Egyptian History, Foreign Relations and Diplomacy.
  • Field work, site management and Museology.
  • Archaeoastronomy in Ancient Egypt.
  • Historiography in Ancient Egypt."
 More themes may be added as the overall subject-matter of the proposed papers becomes apparent.
Looking forward to seeing you in September 2013"

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