Tutankhamun objects to undergo restoration

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Tutankhamum's bed, a jewellery box and three model boats are to be transferred to the new Grand Egyptian Museum over the next few days.  The objects, which formed part of a recent touring exhibition to the United States and Japan, will undertake restoration in preparation for display
in the museum's King's Hall when it opens in 2015.  They will join 501 other items from Tutankhamun's reign that are already in the museum.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is still under construction but on completion the complete collection will be displayed in a 7500 square metre hall.

"Although the GEM is still under construction, the project’s first two phases, including a power plant, fire station, fully-equipped conservation centre with 12 labs and four storage galleries were inaugurated in 2010. The third and fourth phases, including the main GEM display building, is under construction. Abdel Bassir points out that the GEM project was launched to create the best environment to display Egypt’s priceless treasures, which are now overstuffed at the Egyptian museum in Tahrir Square. There will be more space, better lighting and more information available.  The Tahrir museum will be dedicated to ancient Egyptian art, displaying large statues and colossi expressing the skills of ancient Egyptian artists and artisans." - ahramonline.


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