Agriculture Museum in Egypt

The Egyptian Gazette has an interesting article about the Agriculture Museum in Egypt and its role in educating the public about the lives of Egyptians through history.

   "The eight buildings, each a dedicated museum, and landscaped grounds,including gardens in Pharaonic style with contemporary plants and magnificent old trees, occupy 35 feddans (acres), so that one feels in a green city of museums at the Egyptian Agricultural Museum.

   The visitor is welcomed in the Ancient Egyptian Agriculture Museum by statues of the Pharaonic kings who had a special interest in agriculture... 
   ...The process of mummification in ancient Egypt is displayed together with substances and small implements used in the process. Cosmetics for the then living are also shown including the safflower plant used to make women’s lipstick.

   Finds from Pharaonic tombs include wheat and barley from 5000 years ago, and fascinating 3,000-year-old exhibits of biscuits, cakes and bread, some being surprisingly familiar to the modern Egyptian, including one resembling a croissant and bread filled with fig. 

   The ancient Egyptians were expert makers of beer and wine, whose manufacture with simple tools is shown in a model, and of clothes made out of fine linen, which are displayed as well as their spinning and weaving implements."
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