Antiquity Raiding in Egypt

Sad news about illegal antiquity hunting in Egypt:
"Egypt's revolution has not only brought political upheaval, but also lucrative opportunities for illegal diggers hunting for antique treasures and gold.
There is ample anecdotal testimony from people living near the Great Pyramids at Giza that since the revolution large holes have been appearing in the ground there.
Our own inspection quickly revealed evidence of what they were talking about.
Close to a desert track, just beyond a small outcrop of sandstone and with the pyramids looming in the distance, we found a large, evenly dug vertical shaft.
It was at least a metre and a half in diameter and we could not see the bottom of it. Dropping a rock into it and waiting for the sound suggested it was deep.
"It is clear people are digging to find archaeological treasures," says Dr Osama al-Shimi, the archaeologist in charge of the site."
For full article and video from BBC News - Egypt revolution brings golden age for tomb raiders


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