Anubis at the Vatican

I have finally got round to organising my snapshots from my recent Rome trip.  No mean task as there were literally hundreds of them!!!!

I thought I would share some of the ones I took from the Egyptian collection at the Vatican over the next few posts.  First off is one of my favourite statues from there - a white marble statue of the god Anubis who guided the dead into the underworld.  The statue which stands to the height of 155cm dated from the 1-2 century AD.  Anubis is represented in Roman style toga  but with Egyptian iconography.  In his right hand, Anubis holds a sistrum whilst in his left hand he holds the caduceus of Hermes which was used to guide souls in Greek-Roman religion.

The statue is from Anzio, more specifically from the Villa Pamphili.

Inventory number 22840.


  1. I love that Anubis! He is my favourite (looks a bit like my Charlie, lol!)


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