Ancient Egyptian Toy featured in Culture24

Child's ball
Image - Culture24
Culture24 features a short article by Sue Giles on a toy found in a child's grave at Bristol's King of Egypt show.

"Out of the 10,000 odd objects in our Egyptology collection, when asked for a favourite I always come back to this bit of rag. I feel it connects with ancient Egypt far more than a granite statue, a mummified cat or a painted coffin.

This is nothing more than a linen rag, maybe torn from an old bed sheet or a worn-out tunic, rolled into a ball and tied into shape with a bit of string.

But it was a loved toy for some child, so much so that someone put it into the grave when the child died about 4,500 years ago." 

The exhibition, Pharoah: King of Egypt, is at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery from 16 March-21 July 2013.


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