Egyptian artefacts loss feared in London fire

Awful news regarding Cuming Museum in South London where a fire has `gutted the building and it is feared priceless artefacts are lost.
Image - London Evening News

"Priceless ancient Egyptian artefacts are feared lost forever after a fire gutted the museum building they were housed in.
A coin from the great Egyptian Queen Cleopatra VII’s reign during 52-30BC as well as mummies, fragments of tombs from Thebes and stones inscripted with Hieroglyphics could have perished in the blaze which raged for nearly five hours at the Cuming Museum in Southwark yesterday afternoon.
Charles Dickens memorobilia is also feared lost after the fire destroyed 75 per cent of the Grade II listed building which began on the roof of the four-storey property in Wansey Street, Walworth just before 12.30pm."


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