Malnutrition in Ancient Egypt

Another interesting article about health in ancient Egypt:

Malnutrition among ancient Egypt's wealthiest left few seniors

"Malnutrition killed off so many of the wealthiest people before they reached their 30th birthday rather than wars, parasites, or infected teeth, say archaeologists. So senior health was a rare happening because so few people--even the wealthiest lived to become senior citizens. Take for example, some of the most highly populated areas in ancient Egypt. Researchers from the University of Granada and the University of Jaen take part in the excavation of the Qubbet el-Hawa necropolis, in the Egyptian region of Aswan which is in the southern part of Egypt.
After analyzing more than 200 mummies and skeletons found in tomb no. 33, they have come to the conclusion that not even the chief governors lived in such good conditions as was thought up to now. Young adults between the ages of 17 and 25 were dying from malnutrition."


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