Penn Mummies help research into Atherosclerosis

JanetM by Steve Minicola
Image - Penn Museum
There seems to be a lot of research being reported on Egyptian mummies lately.  Here is an article about how the Penn Museum mummies have helped knowledge on hardening of the arteries.

 "Atherosclerosis—hardening of the arteries— has been widely assumed to be a disease of modern times, brought on by modern foods and lifestyles—until now.
A recent study of 137 mummies from four different regions of the world—including five Penn Museum Ancestral Puebloan mummies from the American Southwest, circa 1500 BC to 1500 CE—revealed clear or probable signs of atherosclerosis in 34% of the international group, dated from about 4,000 to 110 years old, with individuals who died between the ages of 2 and 60 years. The surprising prevalence of the disease among such a large percentage of pre-modern humans raises the distinct possibility that humans have long had a more basic predisposition to the life-threatening disease."


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