Update on Fire at Cuming Museum

Here is the latest announcement about the fire via Southwark Council ...

"The fire is still burning and the fire brigade remain in control of the whole complex, including the library.
As such, no council officers have been able to enter any of the premises. The council's building control is currently on site and the insurers are engaged. Wardens will remain around the site for reassurance purposes.
The initial assessment is that the whole building complex, including the library, is likely to be out of action for months.
In terms of museum artefacts, there are three galleries and artefacts have been recovered from one by the London Fire Brigade and taken to nearby council premises for storage.
Please note that at any time, only around 1 per cent of the Cuming collection is out on display and it is believed that those items that are in storage should be ok, although there may be water damage.
A full assessment will not take place until council officers can gain access. The council has a contract with disaster recovery assistance specialists and that has been activated.
Museum staff are currently working from Tooley Street and where the rescued artefacts have gone in to temporary storage. Some staff are understandably very distressed and counselling has been made available and any personal possessions lost in the fire will be replaced."


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