90th Anniversary of Tutankhamun Curse

Image-National Geographic
Today marks the 90th anniversary of the death of Lord Canarvon - he of Tutankhamun fame.  It was also the beginning of a string of stories relating his death, and several other team members of the excavation that were to follow, to the curse of the boy pharaoh.  Dr Joyce Tyldesley discusses how the 'curse' was however far from magical...

"Friday April 5 marks the 90th anniversary of the death of the Egyptologist Lord Canarvon and the start of the mysterious curse of Tutankhamen.
But as the author and University of Manchester Egyptologist Dr Joyce Tyldesley points out the real story of Lord Carnarvon’s death is far from sinister. She argues that an exclusive media deal coupled with the subsequent reliance on non-expert comment helped fuel rumours of a curse. Although she also notes that the curse of Tutankhamen is now far more famous than both the original Egyptian king and the men who first unearthed his treasure laden tomb."


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