Ancient Egyptian 'burger vans'

Image-Mail Online

"Ancient burger vans: Archaeologists uncover remains of massive catering operation to feed builders who made the pyramids at Giza on 4,000lbs of meat a day

  • A massive catering operation that served up thousands of pounds of meat to feed the builders 
  • who made the famous Giza pyramids has been unearthed in Egypt, it emerged today.
Archaeologists found the ancient remains at a site believed to have been a village used to house workers about 1,300ft south of the Sphinx. It is thought the workers, who occupied the site for around 35 years, were building the pyramid of pharaoh Menkaure, the third and last pyramid on the Giza plateau. The site, which has been studied for several decades, is also known by its Arabic name, Heit el-Ghurab, and is sometimes called 'the Lost City of the Pyramid Builders'." - Full article Mail Online


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