Egyptian Inspired Cinema Reopens in Paris

Image - NY Times

"Toward the end of his 1877 novel “l’Assommoir,” Emile Zola describes construction in the working-class neighborhood of Barbès of a boulevard that is to become the address of the luxurious Dufayel department store and, in the early 20th century, of several grand cinemas. Barbès, in the 18th Arrondissement, is still a working-class neighborhood, and one of Paris’s most diverse and dynamic. On Thursday one of those 1920s art-house cinemas has reopens, restored and equipped with state-of-the-art technology.  The Louxor cinema is at the epicenter of the neighborhood, on the corner of the Boulevard Magenta opposite the elevated metro and diagonally across from Tati, the budget department store. The city of Paris spent €25 million, or $32.7 million, to restore it as part of an urban development plan to improve the neighborhood that includes the recently renovated Gare du Nord train station. It is also part of the Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë’s effort to keep the city’s cinema culture alive: Paris spends €1.2 million a year to bolster independent art-house cinemas."

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