Mummy Viewer Wins Lottery!

The Bolton News has a story today that I thought I would share to make you smile!

Mummy exhibition viewer wins Chinese lottery

"An exhibition including an Egyptian Mummy lent to China by Bolton Museum has caused a man to win the lottery, a local news report has claimed.

The man apparently visited a museum in Shenzhen to see the travelling Quest for Immortality exhibition, which includes Bolton’s loaned mummy.
He has claimed to have won the lottery after visiting the exhibition, which includes the recreation of a tomb, and trying to recite some of the text from the walls.
A local news report claimed he read out the text and the next day won five million Chinese Yuan, which is the equivalent if £500,000. The news report says that the man, who spent several years studying in Egypt, tried to read out some of the “afterlife book spell of ancient Egyptian culture” but could only identify some of the words. He was visiting the press preview of the exhibition, where Bolton Museum’s mummy is included within the recreated tomb. Bolton Museum staff have tweeted their excitement about the news" - The Bolton News


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