Ohio Mummy Undergoes CT Scan

"The Ohio Historical Society's Egyptian mummy underwent a CT scan at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center as a result of a unique partnership between the two educational institutions. The Wexner Medical Center's new Flash CT scanner, is helping archaeologists and Egyptologists learn more about the approximately 2000-year-old mummy, which OHS refers to as Amunet (meaning "the hidden one").

"This collaboration brings out a little bit of 'Indiana Jones' in all of us," said Dr. Joseph S. Yu, M.D., professor of radiology and orthopedic surgery at the Wexner Medical Center. "In medicine, we have incredible and powerful tools to learn about our cells and our bodies. In this unique venture with the Ohio Historical Society, we have been able to utilize this wonderful technology to peer into the past."
Amunet had been X-rayed in 1935 and again in 1984, but the nearly 8,000 new images from the CT scan, combined with the 21(st) -century expertise of the Wexner Medical Center's radiology team, has refined OHS's understanding of all aspects of Amunet's preserved anatomy and the mummification process. In addition, these images, some of which are 3-D, will allow OHS to construct a 3-D replica of Amunet's face."
Read the full news report in The Wall Street Journal


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