Secret Egypt Unravelled in Inverness

Image - Inverness Museum and Art Gallery 
Inverness Museum and Art Gallery has opened a new exhibition entitled Secret Egypt-Unravelling truth from myth. It investigates the reality behind some of the most popular myths surrounding ancient Egypt and allows visitors to search for the truth themselves.  Over 150 objects are featured including statues, coffins, ceramics and jewellery.  Animal and human remains on loan from Birmingham Museum also feature.

"A mummy and mummy case will be a spectacular highlight!
Secret Egypt challenges some of the enduring myths about ancient Egypt which are perpetuated through films, books and other popular media. Visitors to the gallery can look at a range of archaeological evidence to revaluate what they understand about this remarkable civilisation.
The exhibition will ask six key questions that reflect modern misconceptions and areas of controversy around the subject of ancient Egypt including -  Were the Egyptians obsessed with death? Did aliens build the pyramids? and of course -  Beware the mummy’s curse!"

"Secret Egypt comes to Inverness in partnership with The Herbert Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham Museums  and High Life Highland with support from Inverness Common Good Fund."

Catch the exhibit before it ends on 1 June 2013.

More details via Inverness Museum and Art Gallery


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