Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Ancient Egypt Weekend at the ROM

This weekend (1 - 2 June) sees the Royal Ontario Museum host an ancient Egyptian weekend.  Take a look below at the schedule of proposed events (details from the Royal Ontario Museum website):

"11 am - 3 pm
Exhibit Talks
(Galleries of Africa: Egypt & Nubia, Level 3)
Meet experts from the ROM, learn about their research, and gain new insight into exhibits in the Ancient Egypt gallery.
  • 12:00 Krzysztof Grzymski, “Nubia, Egypt's Rival in Africa”
  • 1:00 Gayle Gibson, “Mummies and Coffins”
  • 2:00 Roberta Shaw, “Book of the Dead”
  • 12:00 Zoe McQuinn, “Ancient Egyptian Jewellery”
  • 1:00 Amyn Adatia, “The Cat’s Tomb”
  • 2:00 Roberta Shaw, “Book of the Dead”
*speakers subject to change*
Discover Ancient Egypt
(Currelly Gallery, Level 1)
Mummy Investigation: Discover how the Egyptians made mummies, see real mummy artifacts (including mummified hands!), learn why mummies aren’t as scary as film has made them to be and take home an activity sheet explaining how to “mummify” an apple at home.
ROM Conservation: Find out how technology like X-rays can give us new information about ancient artifacts, including mummies from the ROM’s collections. See the pigments Egyptians used for painting, and create your own Book of the Dead artwork.
Make a Cat Mummy Mask: Cat mummies were sometimes given funerary masks painted with a cat face. Make your own cat mummy mask, for yourself or a furry friend!
Create your own Broad Collar: Learn to dress like an ancient Egyptian and create your own fabulous broad collar!
Archaeology Dig: Don a pair of goggles and try your hand at archaeology. Uncover and record buried treasure in this hands-on activity area.
Explore Ancient Egypt
(Galleries of Africa: Egypt & Nubia, and Eaton Galery of Rome, Level 3)
Ancient Egyptian Gallery Hunt: Explore our Ancient Egypt gallery like never before on our scavenger hunt! The Gallery Hunt can be picked up at the Information Desk in Chen Court on Level 1.
“Book of the Dead” Puzzle: Try your hand at piecing together a segment of a Book of the Dead scroll.
Make a Cartouche: Learn how Ancient Egyptians wrote, and record your own name in hieroglyphs on a cartouche!
Decipher Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Learn how Ancient Egyptians wrote and decipher a secret code written in hieroglyphs!
Tales of Ancient Egypt: Listen to ancient Egyptian tales of shipwrecked sailors, goddesses, gods, and more. Storytelling with Chris Cavanagh at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.
Resident Youth Artist: Watch art come to life before your eyes as a resident artist from Arts for Children and Youth (AFCY) takes inspiration from all the interactive excitement of Ancient Egyptian Weekend at the ROM!
Ancient Egyptian Jewellery: Get up close with rarely seen Ancient Egyptian jewellery from our collections. Presented by Friends of Ancient Egypt. Sunday June 2nd only.
Out of the Vaults Artefacts
(Galleries of Africa: Egypt, Level 3)
The Cat’s Tomb: Ancient Egypt’s most prized pet is buried inside the ROM! This special display portrays an Ancient Egyptian cat tomb, featuring an authentic mummified cat. Learn how cats belonging to elite owners were buried, what treasures they were buried with, and the important role they played in Ancient Egyptian society!
The Book of the Dead: Discover the Book of the Dead of Amen-em-hat, a beautiful papyrus scroll written over 2,300 years ago. Recently restored, this funerary text records spells, hymns, and instructions to help guide the deceased through the underworld and into the afterlife."

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