Ancient Egyptian Coffin travels from Britain to Perth for Exhibition

"A 3000-year-old coffin of an Egyptian priest bearing handwritten spells to protect the soul of the dead will feature in a Perth exhibition this month.

The precious artefact was carefully unpacked yesterday by curators who accompanied the piece from Britain to the WA Museum.
Secured inside a big crate, the coffin sat undisturbed in the museum for two days to allow the artefact to acclimatise.
Any sudden exposure to light or humidity could cause irreparable damage and yesterday the coffin was unveiled without harm.
The coffin of Besenmut, a priest of the god Montu, is among more than 100 Egyptian artefacts from the British Museum. The WA Museum is hosting the only Australian viewing." - The Western Australian

Secrets of the Afterlife: Magic, Mummies and Immortality in Ancient Egypt opens at the WA Museum on Friday and will run until September 22.


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