Tutankhamun Exhibition to feature in TV Series

"A DORCHESTER attraction features in a new television series covering the great excavations and developments in archaeology.

The Tutankhamun Exhibition in the county town was one of the locations for Archaeology: A Secret History, a three part series that started on BBC4 last night. The programme is presented by archaeologist Dr Richard Miles. Curator of the Tutankhamun Exhibition, Tim Batty, said: “Dr Miles and film crew from the BBC visited the Tutankhamun Exhibition last September. The discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb was the greatest of all archaeological discoveries, and as such Dr Miles was keen to depict this and its subsequent influence on the world.
“Ninety years on from the discovery the fascination with Tutankhamun’s legacy is undiminished.
“The BBC filmed the exhibition’s detailed reconstruction of the antechamber and the burial chamber of Tutankhamun’s tomb.
“Dr Miles was also keen to feature the funerary mask which has not only become the symbol for ancient Egypt, but also perhaps for archaeology as a whole.”"- Dorchester Echo


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