Castle Ships Egyptian Artefacts Oversees on Loan

Image via Chiddingstone Castle website

"CHIDDINGSTONE Castle has a new display of its Egyptian artefacts after shipping its regular exhibition out to America.

It has formed part of the largest collection in the States and will be seen by more than two million visitors each year until 2018.Objects, including a lotus amulet (a pottery charm), have been loaned to the Houston Museum of Natural Science in Texas.

Maria Esain, the curator at the castle, shipped more than 340 objects to America.She said: "We sent over a bit of everything, from sculptures to food and drink containers to amulets, bracelets and necklaces.

"The museum contacted us in October as they heard about our collections and wanted to put together the biggest Egyptian collection in the US.

"We shipped out our artefacts in April for the exhibition in May."

She said: "We had to give it a good thought as they're looking after it for five years but it's an excellent opportunity as more people will get to see them – the museum gets over two-and-a-half million visitors each year." - This is Kent

See the full article here - All change as castle updates Egyptian exhibition

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