Collecting Egypt is looking for Museum Reviewers

Me at the Ashmoleon Museum in Oxford, UK.
Collecting Egypt is looking for museum reviewers to guest blog on the site.

Have you recently visited or are going to visit a museum with an Egyptian collection?  How was the whole experience?  Would you recommend your fellow readers to go there?

We would love to hear from you!  Where ever you are in the world!

Write a short piece about your time at the museum, particularly the Egyptian displays, and if possible, include a photograph of you there.  We will then post your review on the Collecting Egypt Blog.

Don't worry if you have never done a review before, here are some pointers to help you get going:

    What museum have you visited?

    When did your visit take place?

   Give a brief summary of what type of collections are in the museum.

    Tell us about the Egyptian Collection 

                     What sort of things did you see? 
                     Did you like the way they were displayed? 
                     How good was the exhibition at putting its message across (labels, story boards, handouts 
                     What interaction were you as a visitor encouraged to get involved in?
                     What was your favourite object?

    What did you enjoy about the visit?

    Was there anything the museum could have done better?

Let me know if you would like to be involved via email or by tweeting Beverley Rogers@CollectingEgypt.

Then submit your review via email.

Once your review is received, we will then let you know when your blog post is to be published!

Happy visiting!


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