Perth mummy to be scanned

Image via BBC News

"Curators at Perth's museum are sending a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy for CT scans and X-rays.
They hope investigations, by Manchester University and Manchester Children's Hospital, will reveal details about the mummy's life and death.
It is thought she could have been a priestess or princess, possibly in the ancient city of Thebes.

The mummy has been in Perth's collection since it was donated by an Alloa museum which closed down.
It will be the first time any investigations have been carried out on Perth's mummy, though the museum did send a mummified ibis - a bird sacred to the ancient Egyptians - to Manchester last year.
The work is part of projects to draw up international databases of human and animal mummy remains." - BBC News
For full article see Scientists to scan Perth mummy


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