A Tourist's Souvenir of Egypt

Image - Coventry Observer
Whilst probably not an 'ancient' Egyptian antiquity, interesting none the less!

"THIS necklace is not as old as you might think, writes Ali Wells, keeper of collections at The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in our latest look at some of its interesting artefacts.  It was made in Egypt for a tourist between 100 to 200 years ago.

In the 1800s Egypt became an increasingly popular tourist destination, and these visitors were keen to bring back souvenirs of their trip.
This could be something made as a souvenir, or a fake made to look much older than it was. However, in this case the beads themselves are much older than the necklace.
As the beads were restrung relatively recently we cannot be certain where in Egypt they were originally found. However, we do know what all of the amulets stood for.
These figures provided magical protection for the wearer, in this life or the afterlife.
The amulets include two eye of Horus (wadjet), Isis (recognisable by the throne on her head), four Tawerets (a pregnant hippopotamus), two Anubis figures (with jackal head), two Bes figures and four striding men.
The god Bes was shown as a short man with lion ears and a beard" - Coventry Observer

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