Mummy collection to undergo 3D 'unwrapping'

Image - BBC News

"A museum in Sweden will digitise its mummy collection in 3D to allow visitors to unwrap a real mummy in digital form.
The mummies from Medelhavsmuseet in Stockholm will be digitised by technology which uses photos and X-ray scans to create 3D models.
The permanent exhibition is scheduled to open in the spring of 2014.
The curators hope it will help visitors gain a deeper understanding into the lives of ancient Egyptian people.
The museum will scan six mummies using a process called reality capture technology, where high-resolution 3D digital models can be made by compiling data from photos and X-ray scans.
Museum visitors will be able to explore the mummies in a way similar to what archaeologists do when they are looking for novel discoveries from ancient remains." - BBC News
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Museum visitors can 'unwrap' a mummy


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