New Tut Documentary - review

Image via National Post

"If the key to making a familiar old topic interesting again is to put forth a new theory based on modern scientific techniques, then the team behind a documentary on King Tut have come up with a solid attention-grabber: was the Egyptian boy king a victim of vehicular homicide?
For a long time it was believed that Tutankhanmun, who died 3,336 years ago, had died due to a blow to the head; images of his skull showed bone fragments that had been dislodged. But recent scans suggested the skull damage was of a more recent vintage — probably the result of rough handling of Tut’s mummified remains upon the discovery of his tomb 90 years ago.
That left a question: how did he die? And could modern science effectively crack a cold case that stretches back thousands of years?

These questions are among several others that are addressed in Tutankhamun Decoded, a new film that premieres on Sunday. Dr. Chris Naunton, director of the London-based Egypt Exploration Society, and whose research forms the heart of the Canadian-British documentary, says simply that, 90 years on, “it was time to have a fresh look at things.”"

See the full review here - Stinson: History revisits some mummy issues with Tutankhamun Decoded

Tutankhamun Decoded airs July 7 at 9 p.m. on the History Channel


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