Tutankhamun's stick collection goes in for repair

Image - Ahram Online
"Eight of King Tutankhamun's stick collection have been transferred to Grand Egyptian Museum for repair.

King Tutankhamun's stick collection has been transferred to Egypt's restoration department at the planned Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), overlooking the Giza Plateau, in a first step towards restoring and relocating all of the boy king's treasured collection from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Tutankhamun's treasured collection will be among the Grand Egyptian Museum's permanent display, due to open in 2015, along with the valued collection of King Khufu's mother Hetep Heres, Khufu's twin solar boats and the jewellery collection, to mention a few, according to the GEM exhibition organisers.
Director General of the GEM Hussein Abdel Bassir told the Ahram Online that the transferred artefacts included eight wooden sticks out of the 132 of Tutankhamun's original collection.
The sticks came to the Grand Egyptian Museum only for restoration and will return back to its original location at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo after the work is done, Abdel Bassir said.
The whole Tutankhamun collection as well as other compilations will be transferred and put on display at its new location once the construction work at the Grand Egyptian Museum is finished.
Abdel Bassir pointed out that the sticks are carved in wood gilded with gold and its tops are decorated with heads embellished with coloured precious stones. All the sticks bear Tutankhamun's cartouche. These sticks were used by the king in his daily life activities as well as in rituals and religious ceremonies." - Ahram Online


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