Mummies Found Near Barnsley - Joann Fletcher

Report and video on a new exhibition curated by Joann Fletcher.  She reveals how ancient mummies have been found buried in the region near Barnsley which have been embalmed using ancient Egyptian techniques.

The exhibition called The Romans Are Coming, is now open at the new Experience Barnsley museum, at the Town Hall.
The exhibitiion includes Roman pottery, jewellery, clothing and coins.  It also has a 300-400 AD gypsum mummy cast, which covered the embalmed, linen-wrapped body of a child.  Examples have been discovered in Pollington, a few miles north of Barnsley and Doncaster. 

The Romans Are Coming runs until Sunday, January 5, 2014. It includes family activities, with themed events most Saturdays, include Monster Mummies - building a scary mummy - on Friday, November 1 and Barnsley, Egypt and Beyond, with Joan Fletcher, on Saturday, October 19. 
To watch the video and read the report click on Ancient Egyptian Mummies Buried Near Barnsley


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