Mummy in the Attic is Plastic

Image - Mail Online
Well...the lastest news on the mummy found in a German attic is rather disappointing,,,it is plastic!!!!!

"When one very excited 10-year-old claimed to have found a mummy in his grandmother's attic, it took his parents a while to realise he wasn't making it up. But, unfortunately for little Alexander Kettler, from Diepholz, his historic find has proved to be a little less exciting than originally thought. It turns out that the supposed 2000-year-old Egyptian mummy is actually made of plastic, a discovery made after scientists finally unwrapped the corpse for inspection.

Mysterious find: A 10-year-old German boy found what appeared to be a mummy in a sarcophagus in his grandmother's attic. Experts now claim they were fooled by a chemical spray which made the bones appear real. Lutz Gaebler, a Lower Saxony prosecutor who had declared the 'mummy' was 2,000 years old, has admitted that bone X-rays have proven him wrong.

'The mummy was unwrapped, and we have seen relatively quickly that the ingredients are not ancient,' he said. In an unexpected and slightly macabre twist, the mummy did contain a genuine skull, though an arrowhead found lodged in it appeared to come from a child's toy.

Mr Kettler believed that his father may have brought an unusual souvenir back from a trip to north Africa in the 1950s. Interest peaked the the so-called 'mummy of Diepholz' after it was found in the corner of an attic last month. Lutz Wolfgang Kettler, father of the boy who discovered it, theorised that his own father may have bought it while travelling in the 1950s when there was still a mummy trade operating." - Mail Online

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