Mummy in the Attic Update

Image Lutz-Wolfgang Kettler via Spiegel Online

The mummy found in the attic by a German boy last month has now undergone a scan and it has unveiled some surprises!

Underneath the bandages is a human skull with an arrowhead in one of the eye sockets.
Radiological results have also shown that there are also plates decorated with hieroglyphs and bones wrapped within some kind of metal foil.

Lutz-Wolfgang Kettler, the boy's father, believed that that his own father brought it and other souvenirs back from his travels in North Africa in the 1950s.

"The results, which showed human bones, came as a surprise even to Kettler. "No one expected that," he says. "Everyone thought it was a fake." This was partly because a Berlin archaeologist had determined the material used to wrap the 1.49-meter (4.9-foot) mummy dated back to the 20th century, and was probably machine-made linen or cotton bandaging.

The scans showed that the carefully wrapped object contains a skull, and a relatively intact skeleton. But all of the bones except for the skull are wrapped in a kind of metal foil, making further X-ray analysis impossible. In addition to the arrowhead in the eye socket, the skull is also wrapped with a metal diadem.

There's no way this is a typical Egyptian mummy, says Andreas Nerlich, head of pathology at Munich's Bogenhausen Clinic. "We're dealing with an imitation," he says. "But a human body, and perhaps more than one, were used to make it."

A missing neck vertebrae points to the possibility that the bones could belong to more than one body. "The skull is without a doubt real, and I believe the other bones are too," says Nerlich." - Spiegel Online

It will now be examined by forensic experts in Hamburg to determine the date of death.

"If it turns out that the death occurred 3,000 years ago, then we won't pursue the case any further," said Jann Scheerer, spokesman for the Verden public prosecutor's office. "But we will if the person responsible for the obviously violent death could still be alive."

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  1. So many Egyptian mummies and artifacts have weird and sordid histories of how they came to be scattered all over the world. This one is especially interesting with the arrowhead in the eye.


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