New book on Theodore Davis

Image - Great Archeology

Another online article from the  ARCE Newsletter - Summer/August 2013 caught my eye this week.

John M Adams, director emeritus of the Orange County Public Library and former ARCE Board of Governors member reviews his new book The Millionaire and the Mummies which focuses upon Theodore Davis, who Adams calls the "American Lord Carnarvon".

Using long forgotten letters, transcripts and diaries to build up the story of Davis', Adams has placed Davis' Egyptology work within the wider context of what appears to be a sensational life.

This work on a relatively unexplored character of Egyptology has interesting comparisons with the work I myself am undertaking on the Reverend William MacGregor so I will be dropping big hints for this to be a present for my upcoming birthday!  Look out for my review in due course...

To read the article, click here on "The Millionaire and the Mummies"


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