Ohio Mummy Undergoes Facial Reconstruction

Image - The Columbus Dispatch

An article and video from The Columbus Dispatch that tells the story of how a mummy from the Ohio Historical Society is being brought back to life through facial reconstruction.

"The skull stares at her from the table, unblinking and grinning, as skulls do.Alexandra Keenan-Krilevich regards its forehead and temples and then begins to roll a ball of brown clay, measuring its thickness with a caliper, slicing it just so. 

She lays a few strips of clay across the skull’s cap. Then she rolls another ball, measures, rolls again, slices. 

It’s tedious work, building a face.
Keenan-Krilevich won’t rush. She’s content to lay down pieces of clay until the former owner of the skull, a woman who died more than 2,000 years ago, reveals herself. Only then will she know what Amunet looked like."

Pictures can be seen here - Slideshow


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