Video - Looted Egyptian Museum

Channel 4 short video showing the recent destruction wrought upon antiquities at Minya.

"In the latest round of violence that gripped Egypt after security forces cracked down on supporters of the ousted Mohammed Morsi, vandals looted a museum in the upper Egyptian town of Minyai. Monica Hanna, an Egyptian archaeologist, said the attack was the worst of its kind since the Egyptian revolution of 2011 in which Egypt's famous Cairo Museum was also broken into and looted:
"I think we are missing around 500 objects which is a huge loss because when the break (in) happened here at the Egyptian museum [in Cairo] the loss was around 50 objects, so imagine this loss is ten times bigger than what we lost at the Egyptian Museum".
The raiders in Minya not only stole artefacts including jewellery, pottery, coins and sculptures, but also set fire to two mummies and smashed up any other artefact that was too big to carry away.
"From the Malawi Museum I think there were around 791 objects that were in the register. We salvaged 45 objects and around 170 objects were returned, and a lot was destroyed as well.
All the Egyptian masks were shattered, the pottery was broken and two mummies were burned, or a mummy and a half," Ms Hanna added. At least one person - the museum's ticket agent - was killed in the robbery, according to the antiquities ministry." -    Channel 4
The Video courtesy of Monica Hanna can be found here Mummies set on fire as looters raid Egyptian Museum


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